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Work Group 4

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Work Group 4

TIGER Leadership Development



Working together using this wiki


This wiki is a shared online whiteboard that allows the entire group to easily share information to each other and other TIGER collaborative team members. The material on the wiki should be considered to be in draft format and will be published on the TIGER website at www.tigersummit.com upon completion. 


Activities of Work Group 4

This work group will complete an assessment of nursing leadership development needs.


Group members

  • Karen Carroll- Group Leader
  • Beverly Bell 
  • Sally Fauchald
  • Anita Ground
  • Karen Peddicord
  • Kay Sackett

  • Kathleen Sanford

  • Reonel "Joon" Saddul
  • Janis Watts
  • Katherine Holzmacher




History of How the Survey was developed is listed below:


1. Initial Survey



 2. Change to Survey based on feedback


Revised Nurse Executive IT Evaluation.doc

Questions were analyzed and re-created to be more pointed from the initial survey. The changes reduced the number of questions queried to 22.

 Please continue to provide feedback on this survey by April 3rd 2008 by sending an email back to either myself (Karen Carroll at kcarroll@childrensmemorial.org) or Donna at donna@tigersummit.com



3. Summary of Feedback on Assessment Survey:  


Input on survey Book1.xls 


Trial responses to date 3/7/08 SurveySummary_03072008.pdf


Items  Utilized for the building of Leadership Assessment:




Search Inventories.doc


AONE's Guiding Principles for Acquisition and Implementation of Technology



Competencies Team - Draft of Framework to consider for Survey

Competencies, Real World 11.8.07.xls 




Summary of Work Group 4.doc 


This TIGER Leadership Development Task Force is charged with completing an assessment of nursing leadership development needs.  Based on information collected from the TIGER Informatics Competencies team, AONE Technology Survey, and other documents, a survey was developed for distribution to Nursing Leaders at health care organizations and academic institutions.  After receiving feedback the survey was reworked and was shortened and questioned directed more towards the information we would like.



Final Survey


Final SurveySummary 09032008.pdf 



This work group meets the first Friday of the Month, at 12 noon - 1 p.m. Eastern Time, and the meetings are led by work group leader, Karen Carroll.  To access the calls, please use the following teleconference codes:

Toll free # 866-516-5393

Particpant Passcode: 86073325




Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

 September 5, 2008 - 12 noon Eastern - We will discuss progress with survey distribution.

October 2, 2008 - 12 noon Eastern

November 7, 2008 - 12 noon Eastern

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