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Work Group 2

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Group 2

TIGER Leadership Development Collaborative





Working together using this wiki

This wiki is a shared online whiteboard that allows the entire group to easily share information to each other and other TIGER collaborative team members. The material on the wiki should be considered to be in draft format and will be published on the TIGER website at www.tigersummit.com upon completion.



Version 5 of the Synthesis Document poster 


Please take a moment to review this document and make comments.


Leadership Summary WG #2_Competencies_Sapnas v5 091208.doc







Previous versions:

Leadership Summary WG #2_Competencies_Sapnas V3  081208.doc Here is version 3 with the editoral changes recommended by some group members. I've included the references. Please post your comments and revisions by August 1 for feedback to Donna and Dana.


This is the document that workgroup 2 members has prepared as a synthesis of the recommendations we made afer reviewing the 4 informatics competencies.

An introduction was developed and the we synthesized our recommendation for the 1st competency.  This working document is posted for members of the group to add to.

Group members agreed to revew the source documents, our recommendations and to post their synthesis as follows:


Basic Computer Competencies- Connie & Kathryn S

Information Literacy Competancies - Darinda

Information Management & INformatics Competencies- Janis

Attitudes and Awareness- Kathryn S.  & Sally


Reaction to Informatics Competencies Workgroup - DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONS

Leadership_Workgroup_2_Competencies_revKS 032708.rtf


Group members

  • Kathryn Sapnas - Facilitator
  • Janis Watts 
  • Katherine Holzmacher 
  • Connie Berg
  • Eva Karp
  • Sally Faulchald



Slide show detailing the Competencies framework 1/24/08

TIGER Competencies Integration_012408.pdf 


Presentation given by K. Sapnas




  • Key Topics for Consideration

    • Human Factors & Ergonmics
      • Care must be taken that processes and workflow adjustments are needed when changing from paper/pencil to electronic processes
    • Staffing Ratios/Workload/Learning Curve
    • Academic and Executive Leadership Technology Adoption (Attitudes and Avoidance) needed for communication and tools for mastery 
      • Deans
      • Chief Nurse Executives/COOs
      • Healthcare Industry Executives
    • Collaborative HIT Implementation Nursing with IT
    • Staffing Ratios and Learning Curve Before and During Implemetation

      • Unintended Consequences
      • Circumvention- Pre-implementation consideration must be paid to "additional" staffing resources during implementation- if appropriate resources are not provided to accomodate "new learning curve" circumvention and potential risks exist
      • Potential Threats to Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance




Meeting for 1st week  in August TBA.



June 23, 2008 13:00- 14:30 Eastern; Teleconference # TBA


March 20, 2008


March 6, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern

Call in number is 1-800-767-1750 and the access code is 54261



February 20, 2008 at 1 p.m. Eastern - Joint meeting with Informatics Competencies Collaborative Team


Please register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/655546524


January 31, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern

 Please register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/771123955










Activities of Work Group 2

DRAFT SYNTHESIS  OF RECOMMENDATIONSReview, inform and integrate work from the TIGER Competencies Collaborative into



the Leadership Development Collaborative.

Go to TIGER Competencies wiki


Draft recommed sythess.rtf 


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